1 Day Web Designer: Teaching Designers to Work More Efficiently

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1 Day Web Designer teaches the already proficient web designer and front end developer how to build a website for a client in just one day maximizing productivity, creating happier clients and allowing for a more flexible lifestyle.


This book will help you evaluate your web design workflow and give you the tools and techniques necessary to not only power through the design and build process of a website in a day working virtually alongside your client, but prepare your clients for a website build experience they’ll not soon forget.


Through learning the methods of industry specialization, honing in on your favorite tools of the trade and formulating preparation guides for your clients, you will be implementing 1 Day Build Sessions into you service offerings in no time. As a result, you’ll find that you will function at a higher efficiency, your clients will be over the moon with approval, your hourly rate will effectively go up, and you will have much more flexibility with the rest of your time.

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Introducing One Day Labs


My name is Melissa Geissinger and I love collaboration. I also love saving freelancers and entrepreneurs like me time and money on business essentials without having to break the bank or sacrifice quality.


I just launched One Day Labs, a company that has set out to match every client with their ideal design engineer and give them an awesome website in the 1 day build model. 


A One Day Web Design Session is the perfect compromise between quality, affordability and turnaround time. The catch? You'll have homework, and you'll need to be involved in the process. You also can't have too-complex of a site. As long as you meet these requirements, we'll be good to go.