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Ever dream about what it would be like to have nothing but perfect, appreciative clients that have all of their website content prepared before the design process even begins? Do you think it’s an insurmountable feat to avoid project scope creep and cringe to think about the hours or days wasted by what normally just comes down to miscommunication? Do you dream of being a successful freelancer without having to put in 60+ hour weeks? This book may be the answer to your problems.

By running 1 Day Build Sessions with your clients, scope creep all but disappears, effectively boosting your dollars per hour by 3 or even 4 times what they used to be. There’s both an art and a science to the 1 Day Build Session formula. This book walks you through every step of the process.

Learn about how choosing an industry of specialization can cut down on the build time (and communication time!), get tips for streamlining your production time, and learn how to adequately prepare a client.

Get ready for an adrenaline rush – this project workflow will blow your mind and give you more free time than you might know what to do with.

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The 1 Day Web Designer eBook is now available on for Kindle download.


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