The Paradox of the Trifecta of Awesome

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You’ve all heard the deal – pick two: fast, cheap, or good. Somehow someone somewhere decided it’s impossible to deliver all three qualities when you’re operating a service-based industry. What’s worse is as freelancers or small business owners we’re tricked into thinking that we need to choose two of these three categories to offer our… Read more »

1 Day Web Designer eBook is Published

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Ever dream about what it would be like to have nothing but perfect, appreciative clients that have all of their website content prepared before the design process even begins? Do you think it’s an insurmountable feat to avoid project scope creep and cringe to think about the hours or days wasted by what normally just… Read more »

The 1 Day Lifestyle

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The following is an excerpt from 1 Day Web Designer. To read more please download the full eBook. It’s not an easy thing to be self-employed. If you’re reading this, you more than likely are as well so kudos to you for toughing it out. I grew up in a household where my dad was… Read more »