Melissa in Hawaii

My name's Melissa and I'm a creator, a builder and a dreamer. I'm co-founder, President & COO of a community for web and digital media professionals called WIMP (Web & Interactive Media Professionals) and director of WIMPspace, a coworking and colearning space in Santa Rosa, CA.

I started my web design business, New Skin Media in 2006, which I still run today. I'm the self-published author of 1 Day Web Designer in which I teach other web designers how to operate 1 day build sessions.

I was recognized for my extraordinary achievements in business and leadership by being awarded a place on the North Bay Business Journal's Forty Under 40 list in 2015.

A huge advocate of independent workers, I produce a podcast called The Naked Freelancer and am the Global Collaboration Partner of  Open Coworking.