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You’ve all heard the deal – pick two: fast, cheap, or good. Somehow someone somewhere decided it’s impossible to deliver all three qualities when you’re operating a service-based industry. What’s worse is as freelancers or small business owners we’re tricked into thinking that we need to choose two of these three categories to offer our clients and try and pretend the other item isn’t important.

To this day I still don’t know if this concept has a name, so I came up with my own. The Paradox of the Trifecta of Awesome.

The truth is, there actually is a way of accomplishing all three in one, and that is through condensing your projects into an extremely quick turn-around, say a single day. 1 Day Build Sessions, which I describe how to run in detail in the book 1 Day Web Designer, can seem like magic, but it makes a whole lot of sense when you think about it. And it’s sort of cool that by trying to work more efficiently we accidentally disprove a common theory!

The Paradox of the Trifecta of Awesome

Be Good

No need to sacrifice quality when you are working within a tight schedule. You can take advantage of your client being ultra prepared and pulling from all the resources they send you in response to the Client Prep Guide to produce some beautiful results in just a few hours. If you’re a good enough designer, you will certainly prove it to your client when you’re done and knock their socks off too.

Be Fast

An entire custom designed website built from the ground up in just 8 to 10 hours? I think this pretty much satisfies the Fast claim.If this isn’t fast enough for your client, they crazy!

Be Cheap

This may be a tricky one, because it’s easy to misconstrue this to mean that you should charge less than what you’re worth. In fact what we can achieve by building a site in 1 Day is be able to charge significantly less than our normal project cost, effectively making more per hour in the end. Your client ends up saving a bunch of money in the end!

What I’ve found after running these 1 Day Build Sessions for so long now is that clients appreciate your effort to satisfy each and every once of these categories. It really is the answer to everything you and your clients have been looking for!

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